Will Clown Loach Eat Fish Eggs? Ways to STOP!

Clown loaches are vibrant and entertaining freshwater fish commonly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts. However, their omnivorous nature can raise concerns, especially when it comes to the potential consumption of fish eggs. However, they are also known to have a bit of a reputation as voracious eaters. One common concern among aquarium enthusiasts is whether clown loaches will consume fish eggs.

In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing question: Will clown loach eat fish eggs? We’ll also explore the types of fish eggs they might be inclined to consume and provide effective strategies for preventing such behavior.

Will Clown Loach Eat Fish Eggs?

Yes, clown loaches are known to consume fish eggs, particularly in circumstances where their regular food supply is limited.

Being omnivores, they have a broad diet that includes small invertebrates, plants, and yes, even the eggs of other fish. This behavior can be a concern for aquarium owners, especially if breeding fish in the same tank. Therefore, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to safeguard fish eggs from potential predation.

will clown loach eat fish eggs

Types of Fish Eggs Clown Loach Might Eat

Clown loaches are more likely to target the eggs of fish species that lay their eggs in open water or on flat surfaces within the tank. Some examples of fish whose eggs may be at risk include:

  • Egg Scattering Species: Fish like danios, rasboras, or some tetras scatter their eggs, making them easily accessible to clown loaches.
  • Bottom Spawners: Certain cichlids, catfish, or loaches that lay their eggs on substrates, such as rocks or plants, could fall victim to hungry clown loaches.
  • Surface Breeders: Fish that deposit their eggs on leaves or the tank’s glass, like bettas or Gouramis, might also be susceptible.
  • Eggs of Livebearers: Clown loaches are inclined to consume the eggs of live-bearing fish species such as guppies, mollies, and swordtails. These fish produce relatively large and conspicuous eggs, making them more susceptible to predation.

How to Stop Clown Loach from Eating Fish Eggs?

If you want to prevent clown loaches from consuming fish eggs in your aquarium, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Provide Adequate Feeding: Make sure your clown loaches have a well-balanced diet with plenty of high-quality fish food. This will reduce their inclination to seek out fish eggs as an alternative food source.
  • Separate Breeding Fish: If you have fish in your tank that are known to spawn, consider providing them with a separate breeding environment, such as a spawning mop or breeding net, to protect their eggs.
  • Use Hiding Spots: Create hiding spots for fish eggs by incorporating live plants or decorations in the aquarium. This can make it more challenging for clown loaches to access the eggs.
  • Selective Breeding: If you’re planning to breed fish in your aquarium, selectively breed species that are less likely to have their eggs eaten by clown loaches.
  • Utilize Spawning Mops or Breeding Nets: Using spawning mops or breeding nets can create a safe haven for fish eggs. These devices provide a controlled environment for eggs to develop without the risk of predation.
  • Monitor Tank Conditions: Regularly assess the water parameters and overall conditions of your aquarium. Maintaining optimal conditions promotes a healthy environment, which can, in turn, reduce stress and limit predatory behaviors.
  • Monitor and Remove Eggs: Keep a close eye on your tank and remove any fish eggs you come across promptly.


Clown Loaches are indeed capable of eating fish eggs, particularly when their regular food supply is limited. To prevent this behavior, ensure your clown loaches are well-fed and consider the needs of other fish species in your aquarium.

By taking the appropriate precautions, you can create a harmonious environment where clown loaches coexist peacefully with other fish without feasting on their eggs.

FAQs & Answers

How often do clown loaches eat fish eggs?

Clown loaches may eat fish eggs if other food sources are limited. Regular feeding can reduce this behavior.

Are there any specific signs that my clown loaches are targeting fish eggs?

Observing their behavior closely can help. If they repeatedly hover around breeding areas, it’s a potential sign of egg interest.

Can live plants help protect fish eggs from clown loaches?

Yes, live plants and decorations provide hiding spots for fish eggs, making it harder for clown loaches to access them.

Should I remove fish eggs if I have clown loaches in my tank?

Yes, it’s advisable to monitor and promptly remove fish eggs to prevent them from being consumed.

Are clown loaches more likely to eat fish eggs in a community tank?

Yes, in community tanks, where various species coexist, clown loaches might be tempted to consume fish eggs if food is limited.

Should I avoid keeping clown loaches in a breeding-focused tank?

If breeding is a priority, consider a separate tank for the breeding fish to safeguard their eggs from clown loaches.

Can I train clown loaches not to eat fish eggs?

Clown loaches have natural instincts, but providing ample food and hiding spots can discourage egg consumption.

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